Since 2009, certified quality management system ISO 9001 has been implemented in SYNPO. All test laboratories are fully certified according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018. We also have attestations for antistatic paints, construction industry and paints for food contact. A number of paint systems have also been tested according to ČSNs, e.g. their chemical and mechanical resistance, corrosion resistance or UV resistance. We will supply all these reports upon your request.


ISO Certificates:


Certification by accredited laboratories:

Certification AaTS, Certification AaPCh, Certification viscometry

Material attestations

Antistatic paints
Attestations for construction industryLV AKZ 411 CertificateLV EPS 033 CertificateSTO-LV AKZ 411STO-LV EPS 033
Attest for food contact