SYNPO, Joint-Stock Company – Akrylmetal and Zirafinol Manufacturing and Sale

SYNPO, a joint-stock company, with its line of Akrylmetal industrial paints holds an important position in the Czech market as the manufacturer and seller of paints not only to leading engineering and automotive producers in the Czech Republic but also to small and medium sized companies dealing with surface finishes.

Why choose us:

  • Long-time tradition in in-house production
  • Above standard final colour inspection
  • High quality materials supported by certified reports
  • Possibility to adjust materials according to customer's requests
  • ISO quality system

AKRYLMETAL industrial paints

  • Application in engineering, OEM and automotive production
  • Application in primary production of  road and rail vehicles
  • Composite and plastics varnishing
  • Sports equipment varnishing
  • Solvent and water dilutable industrial varnishes
  • Single-step paints, primers, varnishes, fillers, top coats…
  • Materials for glass manufacturing

ZIRAFINOL industrial paints

  • High anticorrosive protection up to C5
  • Suitable for industrial structures, bridges, conveyors, containers…
  • Water protection
  • Protection from medium aggressive chemicals and oil products