The Akrylmetal varnish system includes both solvent and environmentally friendly water dilutable varnish systems for plastics, metal and glass painting. The paints developed by SYNPO are characterised especially by their unique use in plastics varnishing.

Paints for metal

We can offer several systems for metal materials: from single-step primers and popular two-layer systems to three-layer systems composed by an epoxy primer, filler and top polyurethane coat.

Paints for Plastics and Laminates

The Akrylmetal materials intended for plastics paints are characterised especially by allowing direct application to plastic surfaces without the need of a plastic adhesion promoter. The paints contain specially designed additives for adherence to plastic and laminate components.

Glass Paints

The Akrylmetal coating compositions with adhesion to glass and ceramic surfaces can be dried at temperatures from 20 °C. Akrylmetal offers transparent varnishes, which can be engrained by special colouring, but also enamel materials.

NANO Paints

The Akrylmetal NANO materials were developed for the extreme mechanical resistance of the varnished surface. Another benefit of the NANO-varnished surfaces is their self-cleaning effect as dust and water are kept away from the surface due to the surface tension.

Fluorescent Paints

Fluorescent paints (“day-glo”) found their application on road vehicles of the integrated rescue system – in ambulance and fire engine varnishing. The fluorescent paints are also highly popular in tuning workshops.

Anti-Graffiti Coatings

The Akrylmetal anti-graffiti coatings are profusely used when varnishing interiors of public transport vehicles, street furniture, bus/tram stops and underground stations. After the anti-graffiti coating is applied, graffiti cannot be sprayed on the surface.

Water Dilutable Materials

The Akrylmetal water dilutable materials belong to eco-products with very low contents of organic solvents. SYNPO manufactures water dilutable transparent varnishes, enamels and fillers.

Auxiliary Agents

The Akrylmetal auxiliary materials are necessary additives to paints such as setting agents and thinners. They also include a range of degreasing agents and special admixtures and additives.