Testing laboratory

Accredited paint testing laboratory 

Besides the production program, SYNPO also owns an accredited laboratory for polymeric materials, painting compositions and protective coatings assessment (testing of mechanical characteristics, corrosion resistance, climate resistance etc.).

We offer:

  • Possible issuing of accredited test reports
  • Assessment of mechanical characteristics (evaluation of tensile and bending characteristics, pressure characteristics, DMA (Dynamic Mechanical Analysis) – impact strength, gripping to base etc.)
  • Testing of thermal and thermomechanic characteristics – expansion coefficients, heat capacity, glass transition temperature, melting and crystallization temperatures, reaction heat (e.g. monitoring of hardening reactions, thermal stability)
  • Paint assessment (corrosion resistance, climate resistance, paint film adhesion, optical characteristics, water and water vapour permeability etc.)
  • Other tests

If you are interested in detailed information on paint assessment, please visit the SYNPO homepage:

Analytic laboratories and assessment

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Ing. Vladimír Špaček, CSc.
Tel.: +420 604 734 823