Paints for metal

Industrial anticorrosive paints for metal bases

Industrial anticorrosive paints Akrylmetal and Zirafinol – suitable for metal bases – co-create conventional as well as environmentally friendly water dilutable paint systems for even the most demanding applications.

Paints for both iron and nonferrous bases 

We manufacture several types of paints for both iron and nonferrous bases (copper, aluminium, brass, steel…).
Single-step paints (so-called “one-shift paints”) can be applied directly to metal bases as they contain anti-corrosive components as well as UV stabilisers. High quality single-step paints were created in our R&D. We manufacture them in a wide range of colours- (RAL, NCS) and in various gloss levels as required by our customers. As a matter of course, we offer high quality enamel top-coats of car paint parameters, primers, fillers and transparent clear coates.

Preliminary treatment before paint application

Preliminary mechanical treatment should be provided to metal bases before the paints are applied, either by blasting or by mechanical cleaning (e.g. by brush). After the mechanical preliminary treatment, chemical cleaning (degreasing) by a suitable agent should follow. A well-cleaned and degreased surface is always the base for further coats of paint application.

Paint application methods

Our metal paints can be applied by all available methods. We will gladly help you with the correct choice. With professional consultancy services of our employees with many years experience, you will surely achieve optimal values of your varnish shop consumption and performance.

If you have any questions concerning the offered products, please contact us directly at our e-mail address or at the telephone numbers listed in Contacts.