NANO Paints

NANO paints and NANO varnishes

Chemical nanotechnology is one of the nanotechnology branches proven in practice. Chemical nanotechnology is also dealt with by SYNPO within our research and development. We have developed and we successfully produce single-layer NANO paints in variants for metal and for plastics. We further manufacture transparent NANO varnishes and coloured top-coats with high gloss – NANO Top-Coats. In these varnishes, silicon NANO particles are bound by a chemical reaction. It provides them with unique characteristics which have been verified in accredited laboratories.

NANO technology and its application in surface finishes

  •  Furniture manufacturing
  •  Musical instruments manufacturing
  •  Sports equipment manufacturing
  •  Engineering production where long-term gloss and cleanliness of the surface is required
  •  Plastics manufacturing with requirements on mechanical resistance
  •  Automotive industry

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LV EM 050

NANO enamel 2K-PUR, acrylic, glossy, high dry ...


LV CC 250

Transparent 2K-PUR NANO varnish, acrylic with NONO ...