LV AKZ 424


Anti-graffiti single-step paint for plastics, acrylic filler and cover “single-shift” paint for plastic bases with anti-graffiti effect.

Detail description

  • Single-layer coating of plastic objects with direct adhesion to majority of manufactured plastics and laminates
  • Paint with anti-graffiti finish; cannot be varnished over or plastered by stickers; resistant to graffiti vandalism
  • Anti-graffiti coating is suitable e.g. for street furniture and public transport vehicles
  • The paint has filling and decorative effect – “single shift paint”
  • Resistant to oils, petrol and chemical substances (acids, alkalis)
  • Perfectly degreased plastic surfaces
  • Contains UV stabilisers
  • In RAL colours
  • Gloss 25 – 65 %

Manufactured types of this product

 HVLPAIRLESSElectrostatic supportApplied by roller, brush 
Standard AKZ 421 AKZ 421-B by request AKZ 421-S
Structural AKZ 423      
Anti-graffiti AKZ 424 AKZ 424-B   AKZ 424-S