LV EM 020


2K-PUR enamel, acrylic, glossy, high dry substance content

Detail description

  • Top coatings of metal and plastic objects suitable especially for vehicle bodywork surface finish and quality industrial varnishing
  • Colour nuance in spectrophotometer according to a supplied sample
  • Quick drying (for thumb print), faster increase in hardness
  • Complying with VOC limits < 420 (category – B/d)
  • Colour according to RAL colour charts, SYNPO, car brands or a sample

Manufactured types of this product:

 HVLPAIRLESSElectrostatic supportApplied by roller, brush
Standard LV EM 020 by request LV EM 020-E LV EM 020-S
Structural LV EM 023 by request LV EM 023-E LV EM 023-S
Anti-graffiti LV EM 214 by request LV EM 214-E LV EM 214-S